ELECT NOAH DAVIS, Port of Tacoma

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I’m Noah Davis and I’m running for Commissioner, Port of Tacoma, Position 2.

I’ve been a practicing lawyer for the last 16+ years, and have also served as an arbitrator and hearings officer.  Over my close to two decades legal experience, I’ve dedicated myself to representing everyday working individuals and small businesses in a variety of matters, which includes giving them a voice in the legal system.

I now want to give Pierce County a voice in the Port.

The people of Pierce County have been left out of the important decision-making by the very people they elected (the Port Commissioners). It’s now time for the people to take back the Port and to have the Port make decisions that truly represent the collective voice of Pierce County.  AND we need decisions that keep us safe from unreasonable risks (such as not approving a mega million gallon LNG storage facility).

If elected, I have three primary objectives:

  1. Protect the Environment
  2. Create Jobs
  3. Develop Better Infrastructure to address the Traffic/Transportation Gridlock

Protect the Environment

One very important way that the Port can improve on pollutants emanating from the Port is to adopt a fossil fuel plan that bans future fossil fuel storage facilities/tanks, and that has the Port on a path to become Carbon Neutral.

The Port must stop leasing to companies that aim to pollute our skies and our waterways.

The Port must become aware that Pierce County will not accept the same path or the old ways.  The residents of Pierce County (and our future generations) want the Port to be a responsible neighbor and to ensure that future tenants are from Green/Clean Energy sectors.

Create Jobs

Although the Port would have us believing they are creating Jobs and more Jobs but one of their biggest contracts one of the largest parcels calls for 16 jobs over the next 25 years.  16 jobs! That’s the proposed Puget Sound Energy Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant that has the public in uproar.  How can we say that we (the Port) is all about jobs and then approve a facility that will provide 16 jobs, many of which will pay $15/hour.

A Port Commissioner should be helping identify tenants and industries for the Port and helping reach out and market to them.

As your Commissioner, I will be focused on bringing Clean/Green Energy tenants to the Port which tend to create as many as 14 jobs for every 1 fossil fuel job. Not only do Clean/Green Energy industries provide more jobs for Pierce County, but they won’t be polluting the environment like the majority of the Port’s current tenants.

The Port of Tacoma should become the destination for renewable energy and not the destination for more fossil fuels.  For now, while the rest of the world moves ahead, the Port of Tacoma has been left behind.

Develop Better Infrastructure

We all know that driving I-5, Hwy 509 or any of the roads through Fife (99, 54th/Alexander and Port of Tacoma) means gridlock, particularly 3-7pm. A big part of that is truck traffic.

Besides cleaning up the diesel pollution problem (and switching to biofuels or other modes of cleaner fuels/energies), we need to fix the traffic and safety problems by developing better infrastructure.

Although the Port will take in more than $16 million from a tax on homeowners in 2017, only $2 million is allocated to “infrastructure”.   An investment of the taxpayer’s $16 million dollars, in combination with grants and matching funds from the federal and other state and local governments could see the Port of Tacoma working to build dedicated truck lanes that overlay commuter/resident ones or creating extra lanes that are truck only or commuter only during parts of the day.

The infrastructure in the Port and that exists outside the Port has been left for too long in disarray and we need to make fixing gridlock and transportation woes a major focus of the Port.  (Something that $2 million dollars does not do)