Request For S-EIS To The City Of Tacoma And Washington State Ecology RE The Proposed PSE LNG Storage Plant At The Port Of Tacoma

If you’re like me, the PSE LNG plant is bad news.  From fracked gas to cryogenically freezing natural gas that has been piped in from outside the state and country (ostensibly Canada) to be held in an  unnecessary 8 million gallon storage next to 20,000 residents and workers, we have major concerns.

Those concerns led me to file a Request for a Supplemental EIS.  I’m waiting to hear back from the City of Tacoma and the State of Washington on this but will report back when I do

We the people of Pierce County will not stop until we have answers to our important safety questions. Do the right thing Tacoma and Department of Ecology, let’s order the Supplemental EIS and let’s get independent, objective researches looking at this facility, not industry ones!

If you’d like a copy of the Request and All attachments (Appendices A-F), download them here:

7-6-17 Request for Supplemental EIS on PSE POT LNG facility – Noah Davis edited 3

Appendix A – Rhode Island Report – LNG Facilities in Urban Areas

Appendix B – 2005 Testimony before US Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Appendix C-1 Congressional Research Service 2004 report on LNG

Appendix C-2 Congressional Research Service 2008 report on LNG Infrastructure security

Appendix C-3 Congressional Research Service 2009 LNG Siting Report CRS #3

Appendix D 2004-12_SANDIA-DOE_RISK_ANALYSIS (1)

Appendix E 2006 FINAL EIS USCG Compass_Port_LLC_Deepwater_Port_License

Appendix F 2012 DOE_LNG_Safety_Research_Report_To_Congre2012



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