Noah Davis and his family reside in NE Tacoma within a mile of the Port of Tacoma.  Like many residents in Pierce County, Noah and his family are affected by pollution, traffic and safety aspects from the Port.

Noah is an attorney with IN PACTA PLLC (www.inpacta.com) where he has a general practice, including transactional and litigation work.

Noah holds a J.D. from the University of Arkansas and an LL.M. from the University of Melbourne (Australia) .  Noah has been licensed since 2001 and has represented hundreds and hundreds of individuals and businesses over his 16+ year legal career.

Noah became involved in the Port of Tacoma race after the Commissioners made one bad decision after another -first the Methanol plant that the public rose up against and now the PSE LNG facility.  Those bad decisions coupled with the pollution aspects that are not being adequately addressed by current leadership compelled Noah to enter the race.  Noah was encouraged by residents of NE Tacoma to stand up to inaction from the Port and to be the change that residents of Pierce County want to see.

Together, let’s be the change that we wish to see!

You can reach Noah at:

Elect Noah4Port

PO Box 400

Tacoma WA 98401

or via Tel at 253.215.4313 or email at ElectNoah@Noah4Port.com